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  • How to get rid of new car smell and other unwanted car smells

    I guess most of us had already experienced bad car smells. Not only old cars but also brand-new cars can have a bad smell. But what can you do against it and how can essential oils help? Learn more in our blog post!
  • How to use essential oil jewellery

    As we are often asked how to use essential oil jewellery we decided to write this blogpost to explain how to use it and which other great things you can do with diffuser jewellery. We are sure you will enjoy reading it!
  • The perfect mother's day gift

    Aurascent offers the perfect gift for your mum. Learn more about our gift sets and how to configure them. Your mum will like it!
  • Mother's day is coming!

    Choosing the right gift on mother's day is not always easy. Traditionally, flowers have been a way of expressing feelings and letting the recipient know how important a role they play in the sender’s life. Learn more about different traditional mother's day flowers and their meaning.
  • Join us on Facebook now!

    We are excited to announce that we are on Facebook now. Just scan the QR Code or follow the link and join our community. You can interact with the ...