The best essential oils for valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is an ideal time to revisit your most primitive of the five senses. Hundreds of years ago, our sense of smell was a key part of courtship, and now, we can use it to improve our mood in almost any situation.

If you’re considering spicing things up this year with the help of essential oils, you’re definitely making a great choice! We’re excited to show you our favorite essential oils for love and how to use them to help set the mood, enhance sensuality and passion, provide that extra bit of courage and open up the heart, mind and spirit.


Clary Sage oil is amazing for balancing hormones. It is also very beneficial for reducing stress, which is incredibly helpful when trying to set the mood.

Clary Sage Essential Oil


Geranium oil is another one that is wonderful for regulating hormones. It can also encourage feelings of happiness. Together, these benefits may aid in increased intimacy and creating a special bond.

Geranium Essential Oil

Vanilla fragrance oils soft and sweet scent promotes pure sensuality. Creating warm and soothing emotions, Vanilla can induce a sense of euphoria.

Vanilla Fragrance Oil



Jasmine is an exotic and heady floral that is historically known for alluring men. It is said that Cleopatra used this scent to tempt her suitors. It has also shown in studies to raise libido. This “perfume of love” is the perfect oil for a couple’s night in.

Jasmine Fragrance Oil

Sandalwood is a warm and woody oil that is loved by men and women alike. It helps to soothe anxious nerves and promotes increased levels of desire.

Sandalwood Essential Oil



Ylang ylang, a sweet and sultry oil, is derived from the beautiful Madagascar flower that is placed on newlyweds’ beds due to its reputation to boost the libido. Ylang ylang can melt away stress and tension while creating comfort and connection.

Ylang ylang Essential Oil


Now that you know which essential oils are great for Valentine’s Day – how do you go about using them? Of course, you can never go wrong with adding a few drops of sensual oil to your essential oil diffuser. Your essential oil diffuser will aid you in creating a warm and romantic space.

Another great way is to get one of our essential oil diffuser jewelleries. The unique design allows you to create a romantic atmosphere wherever you are going.


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