How to use essential oil jewellery

Essential oils have many benefits so why only diffuse them at home? Essential oil jewellery allows you to diffuse your oils everywhere you go. You just need to add some drops of your favourite oil or blend on the felt pad or lava ball and lock it in the jewellery.

adding essential oil to diffuser jewellery   

The locket prevents any staining on your clothes and allows you to smell the scent. Throughout the day, move the jewellery to your nose and take some deep breaths. You can even change the scent throughout the day. Just take the felt pad or lava ball out of the locket and put another one in. The different colors help you to distinguish them and you can even change the look and make it matching to your style.

diffuser pendant with felt pads

We are often asked how long the scent lasts, but that strongly depends on the oil. As a general rule, oils like cinnamon and peppermint last the longest and you might be able to smell them the whole day. On the other hand, citrus oils last shortest and might need to be refreshed after some hours.

So, which great things can you do with essential oil jewellery?


1) Replace your perfume with your favourite essential oil or blend

Why using a synthetic mainstream fragrance if you could also just use some natural essential oil scent? Be your own parfumeur and create your individual essential oil perfume!

2) Create a diffuser stack

You want to mix many different oils in your diffuser jewellery to re-create your favourite home diffuser blend? That can be tricky because of the limited space of your jewellery. So you could simply stack up two or three bracelets and just add a single oil to each of them. You will be able to enjoy the same scentsational feeling as home and you will also look great!

3) Combine the benefits of different essential oils

Imagine you could smell your favourite relaxation blend and on the same time scare bugs away. You wont believe it, but essential oil jewellery makes it possible. Apply your relaxing blend (did you already try equal amounts of patchouli, cedar and bergamot?) on your diffuser pendant and some anti bug blend on your bracelet (you should definetly try Citronella, Lemongrass and Geranium in equal amounts). You may additionally use a bracelet as an anklet for the full protection

4) Just create your feelgood atmosphere whatever you are doing

No matter if on your daily commute or during your yoga session. Diffuser jewellery gives you the power to create your own bubble and to enter the great world of essential oils. So, don't wait and create your world!


essential oil diffuser pendant with felt pads


If you are looking for some inspiration for diffuser blends you should check our favourite blend recipes. Did you know that you will receive four different essential oils with each jewellery? You can check the sets here. And don't forget to take a look on our other blogposts!

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