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Tree Essential Oil Car Vent Diffuser CVD033SR - Aurascent

Tree of Life Car Vent Diffuser CVD033SR

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Our locket car vent clips are designed to diffuse essential oils. Just open the magnet lock, apply some drops of your favourite essential oil onto the felt pad and clip it to your cars vent. The air will flow through the perforated rear side of the diffuser and you will be able to enjoy your favorite scents in your car. The felt pads are re-useable and you can change the colors for a new look.


- 30 mm locket car vent clip

- 6 pieces of 23 mm random colored felt pads


Choose our gift set option for just 19.90 AUD and receive additionally:

- 1 essential oil set, consisting of 4 different oils (please choose your favourite set in the configurator)

- Giftbox and pouch to protect your jewellery